4 okt 2020
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WELCOME to the STAY WILD WAREHOUSE! Beyond excited to share this with you guys! Get ready for the craziest videos!
Checkout Ikonick for the art!
Music by YUGO: soundcloud.com/ugo-azelart/ace-of-spades
Produced by: @OwnTheLight
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  • That is my dream house too

  • One of the best video of yours! :)

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  • Done ben... I didnt do it on this device though.... On my tab. Because I share my dads mail id and if he sees i have subscribed in this im steak on his plate... But congrats on the ware house... I love ure skate boarding but I'm scared of doung it... Im a girl not a boy.... Im 10 yrs and im ure biggest Fan. 😊😄

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    • Sorry not doung... Doing... Hahaha

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  • Lexi hensler reaction: 😭 I don't have it

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  • I wish i was in LA and go to ur warehouse btw DONE

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  • At 0:35 look at ben's left arm!

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