24 des 2020
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I found a new girlfriend, turned the warehouse into a trampoline park, got pranked by the twins, and exposed Pierson...crazy week!
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INTRO SONG: "Ace Of Spades" By Yugo
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  • Ben and Lexi were soooo cute. They should have been together. Brent and Pierson are always one of my favorites.

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  • Why did Ben carry Lexi and Brent didn't to any shit

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  • How come Ben and lexi broke up but Ben picked up lexi

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  • I think is so sad that Laxey and den are 💔💔😢👎

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  • Ben: "1 like = 1 backflip!" Lexi: "SO 263K BACKFLIPS!?"

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  • I fell like sometimes they forget there not dating each other

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  • It was so cute how Ben picked up lexi, they are still such great friends even tho the broke up

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  • Lexi Rivera channel SUCKS beans channel is AWESOME Lexi is a scumbag for dumping Ben

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  • Pierson- “stay tuned for the wedding” Me- I will Pierson! I’ll stay tuned for you to marry Brent! You haveeeeee tooooooooo😆😆😆

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