3 des 2020
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I got taped to my front door, caught Brent kissing someone, threw my friends into gross pools, and did a crazy was a crazy week!
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  • Pierson:Run on a treadmill whit legos. *Ben's runs on treadmill whit legos* Pierson: OMG 😱😱,I'm so sorry Ben

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  • BRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU POSTED THIS ON MY BROTHERS B DAY!!!! while im sitting here saying".damn bro Dom was mean im mad💢 💢 rip the mertches☠️◑__◐

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  • “Done” “Everyone stay safe and have a good day week or year :)”

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  • I think ben's legs would be painful.

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  • Luigi :alright its time for me to swear mario : *punches luigi* mario : No more saying cuss words guys mario : if you say a cuss word you will like GO TO JAIL mario : if you say a cuss word in jail you will only eat BROCCOLI

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  • LEGO part was kinda funny

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